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an introduction of sorts?
So this is what I came up with so far for my culminating task in my Writer's Craft class! After this, It'll be a year or two since the war; life for the remaining corrupted angels and demons is dull, listless. An angel child named Nova that managed to survive is about 12 years old (maybe xD) and not corrupted. She emerges from hiding and sees what her blooming planet has become. She goes through problems not yet thought of xD) and comes across a pack of young - but not children - demons and bla bla bla. She tries to reason and so on and so forth et cetera . She ventures to restore her planets' glorious beauty and citizens to their once peaceful selves bla bla bla.... that's all I've got at the moment :P

PLEASE give me feedback, suggestions, and such! They would be greatly appreciated! :happybounce:

Developing Story =Xavria
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January 11, 2013
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